Glowing praise from growing students

“Ana has been teaching Olivia for about 10 years. Even though we moved to New York, Olivia insisted she wanted to continue her lessons with no one else but Ana. Olivia adores Ana and together they’ve created some amazing things musically. Thanks to Ana, Olivia was one of 5 pianists accepted into the performing arts high school. She never could’ve done it without Ana’s encouragement and help!”

– M. Yellen

“My daughter had stopped playing piano after having a bad experience with a different teacher. She swore she would never play piano again. Ana was able to reinvigorate her interest in the piano! For the first time, my daughter looks forward to her lessons and is enjoying the music she is playing.”

– M. Yellen

Ms. Ana accepted our daughter into her piano class when she was only 3 years old! From our first interaction with Ms. Ana we were very impressed by her professional and thoughtful, yet warm and approachable, teaching style. It was very clear that she is a high-level professional and has a lot of experience teaching piano to children, even very young ones. We have been in Ms. Ana’s class for 3 years now, and our daughter’s progress is excellent. We continue to be surprised how well such a small child (6 y/o now) can read and play music. And this success by-and-large is because of Ms. Ana’s skillful approach to teaching. We feel the lessons are highly personalized, she is attuned to the student’s personality, their individual strengths and weaknesses. In-lesson and homework instructions are very clear, we never feel that our daughter (or us) are confused about homework. And above all, Ana makes it a lot of fun! Our daughter loves her piano lessons and is always looking forward to them. Watching our daughter play has been so inspiring that I (her Mom) have been seriously considering starting piano lessons with Ms. Ana!

We also feel very privileged to have Ms. Ana as our teacher because she is a high-level piano concert performer. We love attending her performances, and feel it makes a big impact on our daughter in her development as a young person who loves music. We feel it is a rare opportunity for a child to receive piano instructions from such high-level professional pianist.

Ms. Ana goes above and beyond in helping families with all needs related to musical education. She recommends specific books, incorporating note sightreading, practice and performance. She carries out monthly recitals for her students, and even during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been enjoying watching our daughter and other kids in Ms. Ana’s class perform on Zoom! On a related note, now for over a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have smoothly continued weekly piano lessons (via Zoom), and feel it has been working very well. Finally, Ms. Ana put her personal time (weekends) into going to shop with us for a piano! What a fun process it was – watching her to try different instruments and playing short pieces for us! With Ms. Ana’s help, we acquired an exceptional piano which is a centerpiece in our house.

We feel very fortunate to have our daughter as Ms. Ana’s students. We cannot say enough good things about her! We recommend her very highly for students of all ages, even very young ones!

– Drs. Elena Ivleva & David Morris
Dallas, TX

“I took piano from well-meaning teachers for many years and made little progress. I just assumed, given my maturity and heavy business schedule, that I would not make any notable progress. Ms. Ana’s dedication, encouragement and rigor proved otherwise. She is dedicated to her craft and works diligently to help her students improve. If you desire to play classical music at a higher level, Ana will take you there.”

– Mark McClanahan

“People say we come into this world with nothing. Wrong. We come into this world with hidden talents. Some we discover immediately, and others take more time. But, some talents need the help of a teacher. In my case, now being over 40 is when I discovered my love for this incredible and complex instrument thanks to the indisputable talent of an amazing pianist, Ana María. Thank you for everything! You are incredible!”
– Claudia Z.

Ana Gomez has been teaching my son piano for three and half years.  I have, and I do, highly recommend Ana for piano lessons. She even teaches my son’s grandfather!  Each and every recital we have attended, I have been in awe, at not only my son, but at each student and their confidence on stage. That speaks for itself. Ana is just wonderful!
– Calista H.